Independent day celebration of the Republic of Taiwan
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Independence day celebration of Taiwan: The National (Independence) Day of the Republic of Taiwan, also referred to as Double Tenth Day or Double Ten Day. The National Day of the Republic of Taiwan first celebrated on 10 October 1911. This year President Tsai Ing-wen will present the speech around 08:50 AM GMT on the 10 October. Follow newsrvices twitter to get all the small updates.

Let’s go back to 1947| Independence day 2020!

President of Taiwan, Tsai Ing-wen Wishes National Day of Taiwan.
President of Taiwan, Tsai Ing-wen Wishes National Day of Taiwan.

Independence day celebration of the Republic of Taiwan

On the 10th of Oct, the national day is held in the Republic of Taiwan. It memorializes the start of the Wuchang Uprising of 10 October 1911 (10-10 or double ten). This began at the end of the Qing Dynasty in China and the endowment of the Republic of Taiwan on 1 January 1912.

The Chinese Government sees Taiwan as a division of the province which will eventually be a part of the country once more. Some Taiwanese suppose this may happen within the future. Others currently feel that they already effectively separate the nation whether or not independence is ever formally declared.

The dispute with China has left relations worn with a continuing threat of a violent outburst that might drag the US into the fray. Taiwan’s current president recently got her name in TIME as most influencer women.

Independent day celebration of the Republic of Taiwan


Taiwan wins in China naming dispute

The southern Taiwanese town of Kaohsiung’s government stated the website of the Global Covenant of Mayors. Climate and Energy had started listing Taiwan member cities like itself as part of China, on Saturday.

On Sunday, Taiwan’s government uttered its anger.

Taiwan is Taiwan. China is China. Taiwan is not a city in China. If there is incorrect usage we think this is extremely improper,” Premier Su Tseng-chang told reporters.

The Kaohsiung city government disseminated to reporters a draft of a joint letter from six Taiwanese mayors to the Global Covenant asking it to fix the title issue, or they would withdraw from the group.

In an e-mailed report, the Global Covenant’s secretariat stated that it was an apolitical organization promoting climate action.

Since our inception, we have designated cities in accordance with international practices and this has not changed since. We have received and are evaluating the request from the six mayors,” it said, outwardly refining.

The Global Covenant states its mission is to “galvanize climate and energy action across cities worldwide”, serving a population of over 800 million. The only Chinese city it lists as a part of Hong Kong.

Taiwan is Taiwan
Taiwan is Taiwan

So what’s Taiwan?

There are conflicts and confusion regarding what Taiwan is!

China considers Taiwan as a division of the province that promised to retake, by force if necessary. Taiwan’s leaders state it is clearly much more than a province. And claiming that it is a sovereign state.

It occupies democratically-elected leaders and about 300,000 active troops in its armed forces in its own constitution.

Chiang Kai-shek’s Republic of China government (ROC), which left the mainland for Taiwan in 1949. At first, claimed to serve the whole of China. Which expects to re-occupy. It held China’s position on the United Nations Security Council. And notice by many Western nations as the only Chinese government.

In 1971, the UN switched diplomatic identification to Beijing, and the ROC government forced out. After then the number of countries that accept the ROC government diplomatically has dropped drastically to about 15.

Given the large divide between these two positions, most other countries appear happy to accept the current uncertainty, how Taiwan has virtually all of the characteristics of an independent state, even if its legal status remains unclear.

What role does the US play?

The US is by far Taiwan’s most important friend and collaborator.

The relationship, formed during World War Two and the Cold War, shared its most rigid test in 1979, during President Jimmy Carter dropped  US diplomatic recognition of Taiwan in order to focus on burgeoning ties with China.

The US Congress, acknowledging to the move, passed the Taiwan Relations Act, which contracts to supply Taiwan with defensive weapons, and accented that any attack by China considered a “grave concern” to the US.

After that, US policy defined as one of “strategic ambiguity”, endeavoring to balance China’s rise as a regional power with US admiration for Taiwan’s economic success and democratization.

The crucial role of the US was most clearly shown in 1996. When China conveyed stimulating missile tests to try and lead Taiwan’s first direct presidential election. In reply, US President Bill Clinton established the biggest display of US military power in Asia. Since the Vietnam War, sending ships to the Taiwan Strait, and a clear message to Beijing.

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  1. […] This day is also known as Double Tenth Day or Double Ten Day. on this day, protest and rebel against the ruling Qing dynasty took place in Wuchang(now in Wuchang district of Wuhan), Hubei, China in 1911. It was the beginning of the Xinhai Revolution. This revolution directly led to the downfall of China’s last imperial dynasty with almost three centuries of rule and the establishment of The Republic of China, also known as Taiwan, on 1 January 1912. For more details  Click Here […]

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